Door County Golf courses – Visit Stone Hedge Golf in Egg Harbor Wisconsin


2017 Summer Rates:

.                     Walking        Jr-walk      With Cart      Jr-Cart

9 holes          $16.00          $8.00          $24.00         $16.00

Unlimited     $24.00           $8.00          $36.00         $16.00

Twilight         $12.00                               $20.00

FootGolf        $16.00                               $24.00

FG/twilight   $12.00                                $20.00


Club Rental               $8.00

Jr Club Rental           $6.00

Pull Cart                     $3.00

FG Ball Rental           $3.00


Winter Rates:
Unlimited Walking $10.00

Unlimited Riding $18.00 (call ahead to make arrangements for carts)

From mid September to the weekend before Memorial weekend we offer the above green fees. Most times off season golfing is on the honor system there are score cards, pencils, and envelopes in the mailbox next to the side door to the Pro Shop, and payments should be placed in the slot in the door to the Pro Shop.

The 2011-2012 winter season saw golfers out here every month of the season. As long as the course is not covered in snow you can golf out here year round!

To book carts or to find course conditions, please call ahead on 920-868-1861

Stonehedge Golf scorecard

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